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Ankit Barot Entrepreneur On his Way



Ankit Barot is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Affiliate Marketer. From Lonavla Maharashtra. India.

He said “We all are in a situation where we have to work extremely hard. I agree that in covid situation we have to be at home, but do what? We have to take responsibility of our self and start working now. You can’t be at home and imagine that you are getting richer every day. This is not how law of attraction works, you have to work on it too.

He launched his News web portal called it covers all type of news like Gadgets, Bollywood, Local News and much more.

He is also launching an E-Book called

IT IS YOU” This book content inspiring principles to implement in our life.

Ankit Barot will be launching his YouTube Channel by the end of this month called “The Ankit Show” he did not disclose the concept with us yet.

Ankit owns one more website called This website will be containing information about books that inspires people.

We wish all the best to Ankit Barot

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