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Mann ki Pratigya Serial fame – Asmita Sharma



A very flawless actress with having keen acting skills Asmita Sharma, who has made a notable identity with her powerful acting, has come to her home in Patna. She has ruled television in every household by becoming the “Thakuraine” of the serial ‘Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya’. With her language and versatile performance, she gave a new dimension to the negative character on television. Along with working in television, she has also worked in theatre where she has been praised for her role in movie “Gutrun Gutargun” which was completely based of social cause.

1. Tell us about yourself and your journey?

Ans-Being a small town girl when I started my journey in acting career,  I faced many challenges. Belonging to a conservative family, my parents were very strict about my career in acting field.

But somehow I managed to give my first audition for a Colombo based movie. Then I smoothly walked into my acting in TV serials where I got a break for my role in the Star Plus hit ‘Mann Ki Awaaz… Pratigya’ in which I played the role of Ammaji, who was an old woman. Apart from these, I also love to do cooking.

2. Since you have worked  both in serials and movies, What  kind of  difference you find between both?

Ans-While working in both the tv serials and movies, I found more challenging in working with tv serials because it needs 24×7 working hours for the rehearsals. Everyday we are geting a new scipt and I had to portray the character on spot. There was no times given for rehearsals.

3. Tell us about your character Amma Ji in the serial Pratigya?

Ans- ‘Ammaji’, who is an old woman playing a role of typical mother-in-law in the serial. As she herself faced a domestic violence by her husband and she was frustrated so she always tortures her daughter- in-law. She keeps on throwing tantrums to her daughter-in-law by some famous dialogues – ‘Oo Maidam’, ‘Maharani Bhictoria’. Though it was very tough for me to convey a character of a 60 years old woman as I was 29 years at that time.

4. What problems you faced when you went to mumbai from a small town?

Ans-Being unaware of the facts in acting industries, I just went to give my audition as I was very much passionate about my acting. Although, I didn’t have much knowledge about the industries and the technologies but still I managed to get more opportunities in the field of acting. I was very much passionate about acting so, I liked the challenging role. As I always wanted to do for my society, so I came up with the movie “Gutrun Gutargun” which was based on social cause.

5. Tell us about your upcoming projects?

Ans-Rightnow, I am working on a project for the students of bihar in the field of acting. As I always wanted to do for my society so, I am planning to set a platform for the small town childeren. Those who are interested in acting but unable to go out of station for their career in acting. Here, I am going to do a workshop for the interested students in their own city. In that workshop they will get all the information about acting and also a practical knowledge which will  help them in getting the complete experience in the field of acting industries.

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