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Mom Blogger Priyanka Agarwal (Priyanka.Says)



Q1.Tell us about your background and journey.

Hey there! I am Priyanka Agarwal, a MBA,master by qualification; a full-time mom blogger by passion, lifestyle blogger and parental coach.I share all my experiences as a mom and as a woman through my creative eyes at Priyanka.says Instagram blogger. I started blogging around 1 years back when I donned the hat of a mother. I was a new mom then and had lots to share. Each day with my son , I would experience something new that would make me cry, laugh,fun,dance and learn more about myself and motherhood. So I started penning all my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences on my blog.

Q2. What do you do in your spare time?

Trust me, I don’t get any spare time. If I get any, I love to do sketches. I try my hands on various sketches and switches on my favourite music playlist and enjoys every second of it. I try to spend more time on the things that helps me bring out my creativity and loves to be as productive as possible by carrying out experiments on cooking new dishes for my family. Sometimes I watch Netflix or some of my old favourite movies like Chandni or Lamhe.

Q3.How would you differentiate between the term Blogger and an Influencer?

I would say that the biggest difference is that all bloggers are influencers to some extent but all influencers are not bloggers. In simple words, if you have a blog where you write content, you are a blogger but if you don’t have one, and you just post content on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook etc, you are an influencer!

Q4.What do you think influences consumer behavior?

Everything rotates around trust, one ought to have a veritable devotee base and on the off chance that those individuals trust the influencer, at that point yes brands will do great.

Q5. Who is your favourite artist/ blogger and why?
There are numerous bloggers who I respect and follow for various reasons. In this way, it’s hard to name one. They are altogether acceptable in various fields and it is motivating to see their work.

Q6.What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?
My mantra is to motivate over impact. I need to be somebody whom individuals query to. I need to rouse individuals, make positive vibes, and help the one out of luck. I am here via online media to fabricate a network of similarly invested individuals. Utilize the intensity of web-based media to change.It thoroughly relies upon what achievement intends to you. For some achievement is bringing in cash, for certain its supporter’s tally, for some it’s fame. It absolutely relies upon the person.

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