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Mr. Singh food hunter (Sarabjeet Singh)



Mr. Sarabjeet Singh is a youtuber based from Delhi . His channel Mr.Singh food hunter has  13,742,275 views on it  with a total subscribers of 1.20 lakhs. He is a famous food blogger and a professional photographer too. In the aftermath of the pandemic he shared about his experiences and his journey as a content creator.

Q1. What effect did covid and the subsequent lockdown had on the food industry ?

Ans. In the course of the  pandemic people just completely stopped eating outside. Even I just completely avoided eating outside. Now with precautions, slowly people are going out. In time the restaurants will be housefull again.

Q2. Who is your favorite chef who inspires you, whose work you love ?

Ans. I really like chef Kunal Kapoor. I think his work is phenomenal. He really inspires me and I totally love his work.

Q3. What are your future plans for your youtube channel, what kind of videos you’ll be making in the near future ?

Ans. I want my channel to be known nationwide. Everyone should know the name Mr. Singh food hunter channel. And for that I am working very hard. The pandemic caused a little speed bump in it, but that is the goal and I am working for it.

Q4. Which are the places you have explored by now in India ?

Ans. As my channel came on its peak the nation got hit with the lockdown. Once the lockdown was relaxed, I was still a little scared of traveling as covid cases were still there. Since last month I have started traveling. I went to punjab last week, we went to gurdaspur, amritsar, ludhiana and jalandhar. We also later covered Vrindavan and Mainpuri.

Q5.What advice would you like to give to the coming of age bloggers/ influencers?

Ans. My only advice will be, Be Patient! One needs to be patient and have trust in their abilities. You cannot make it big overnight and you definitely need to give it time. Focus on being consistent and create quality content, do not fall into the trap of copying as it will not take you very far. Just follow these basics and trust the process. If I can, you can too

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