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Happening journey of an aspiring mom influencer



I’m a small town girl, as every small town girl I have also big dreams of my passion. I also used to follow my heart and get a job in the field of fashion designing and my job was not easy. I was all alone and only a girl in the whole factory. There was not even a ladies washroom to use.Still I had my 3 years there with gracefully. This can’t be happen without my mom who has been there for me every second.I have lost my father when I was 17 years old and both of my sisters were 15 and 7 years old. We came out of a very difficult time of our life. To loose a father in early age is more than a nightmare for all of us.My mom has started loose faith in everything but somehow we have managed all the things and fought with the difficult time.My mom has played a role of our father and mother both. She never let us realised that we have lost our father and helped us mentally to stay strong. She’s the real hero of my life.Since I got married, my husband encouraged me to start my journey with like minded moms and here I am. I’m nothing without his support. He pushed me every time to go out of my comfort zone to do new things and explore myself.On Instagram, it’s been almost 2 years and a long journey to go. Even I have made so many friends here to help me out and there are so many role models of mine those who are continually encouraging me to do amazing work here.

The thing is in my past life, no one knows that I have some spark to do such marvellous things to do. Also there are many of my friends who used to ignore me and think that I am just no body. Then I have given the chance to myself and show the world that I’m no body. I’m an extra ordinary girl who can run the world by herself.

I just wanted to tell every mom in the world,
Ladies…. if you are a mom , you already are a SUPER-HERO!!!! No one can beat you and don’t give up on your carrier and professional field because of the family. You can handle both of the fields. Trust in yourself and be a role model of your kids. You will lead and run a world by your own. TRUST YOURSELF

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