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Sadi Gaddi (Rishabh and Priyanka)



Q1.How did you started your journey as a blogger?

Ans-Since childhood we have followed different food channels and it seemed very interesting, but we were not knowing that in our future we are going to follow this. Rishabh said“During my CAT exam I realised that this is not made for me. So, I contacted Priyanka and told that we can go and make videos. Gradually we started exploring and creating videos.

Q2.What has inspired you to start your food blog?

Ans-Rishabh said“At the age of 18 I started watching online videos and then I searched how to make YouTube channels, that was my main inspiration. Priyanka added“ Zaika India ka has inspired me a lot.

Q3.How did you both came together for work?

Ans-We met on Facebook in year 2016 as we were from same school and resides at same place. Priyanka added he was my senior and later we got to know that we both love eating. With the similar interests we both came together in 2017 and decided to work and created YouTube channel.

Q4.If get an opportunity which chef you would like to collaborate with and why?

Ans-If we get an opportunity we would love to work with chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer brarbecause they have some unique techniques of cooking and as a human being we think that they are fun loving and humble and respect their profession.

Q5.What advice would you like to give to the coming of age bloggers/ influencers?

Ans-My only advice will be, Be Patient! One needs to be patient and have trust in their abilities. You cannot make it big overnight and you definitely need to give it time. Focus on being consistent and create quality content, do not fall into the trap of copying as it will not take you very far. Just follow these basics and trust the process. If I can, you can too.

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