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Success comes from struggle : Abhishek Rajput



Singers are people who have always been with us through the joyous time

And through the time we’d rather didn’t want to remember.Now a days people use song when they have failed to find the word to express their feeling or love.

So lets get to know this rising star whose name is Abhishek Singh Rajput .

He has a powerful voice,His voice is warm and comforting .No one can deny that”this rising star won the hearts of many people with his generous,affable personality and Melody voice.

Abhishek Singh Rajput  life mantra is “struggle if you crave for success”.

He  is a young ,charming and rising singer.He came into eye of media first time after releasing song ‘janu na’.He released his album “tu Jo nahi’,and “janu na”.

He is also a writer and composer of his own songs.

He said that “I got motivation and courage from my failures,life is not simple as it look like ,the truth is that I failed many time but Everytime I used to get up from ground twice stronger than last time .People used to remind me “you aren’t great singer and can never be”. But I never took these word in negative way,I always had a enthusiasm to prove them wrong .One day surely I will show the world that I can became a successful one that you can’t embrace”.So have faith

On yourself and don’t forget one line of abhishek“learn from your mistake one day definitely you will get your aim.

His life journey teaches us to make good use of time,when he was studying in college he released his first song with help of family and friend i.e. “Janu na”.he currently working on song which is related to this pandemic situation and two more. He thinks that “surround yourself with positive people who are going to push you toward greatness”. He is also a social worker,he loves spending time in anathalaya and vidyaashram .he think that “A small contribution can make someone life better”so everyone should try as much as you can.His benevolent nature is a symbol of his generous heart.



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