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The women of Patna, who came out riding in the car, kept looking at the whole city, did so with special motive



A car rally has been taken out on Sunday morning by eight branches of Innerwheel Club working in different parts of Patna, the capital of Bihar. This car rally has been named ‘Shakti Vahini’.It aims to advance women and give them the message of being empowered. The Innerwheel Club is moving forward this year with the theme LEAD THE change. A car rally was organized in this episode. The program was started by the Chief Guest and Mayor of Patna Municipal Corporation Sita Sahu along with Dr. Manisha Singh and the presidents of all clubs.Different types of messages were written on all cars During the car rally, members of the Inner wheel Club worked to make people aware by writing different slogans related to women empowerment on their own car. Some put their views on women’s safety and some put their views on giving priority to their health. Inner wheel shivalja president Nupur prasad said that this car rally has been organized with the theme lead the change.. how the changes has came in social educational and in lifestyle of people in this ccorona .In her caar nupur prasd explained this theme.The rally will start from Gandhi Maidan to New Patna Club and make people aware of the surroundings. During the car rally in view of the corona infection, one person was allowed to sit in front and back in each car. According to club members, all efforts were being made to maintain all the distance even in the rally. Throughout the event, Corona rescue guidelines were taken care . A large number of people gathered near Gandhi Maidan to witness the car rally. During this time, the administration was also ready to keep the traffic system in order.Iwc shivalja participated in the event with president Nupurprasad, iso Vandana Agarwal and car driven my interior design snehlata gupta.

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